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Solving Conflicts
Conflict Resolution
Part One


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Genuine vs Counterfeit Character Strengths is a Paradigm Change that Challenges Everything You Thought You Knew About Character -- Which One's Do You Have?

Automated Relationship
& Character Coaching

Chapter 1
Do You Want To Fight?

Chapter 2
Diamonds ...or Rocks?

Chapter 3
A Little Out Of Balance
(Character Symmetry)

Chapter 4

Chapter 5
Wet Sand Bricks
& Blindfolds
(What Is character?)

Chapter 6
The World's Greatest Battle!
(Part One)

Chapter 7
The World's Greatest Battle!
(Part Two)

Chapter 8
Solving Conflicts 101 The ABC's

Chapter 9
Solving Conflicts 102 The Basics
(A mini-course)

Chapter 10
Before You
Accuse Me!

Chapter 11
Titanic Failure
(It Could Never Happen To Me!)

Part One



Character Quotations

(Keep checking back for more quotations.)

What to do next?

  1. Locate the "More Quotations" button below.
  2. Click the button.
  3. Review the Quotations.
  4. Think about how you would answer these questions.


Advice columnist, Abigail Van Buren, (?Dear Abby?), once said, ?The best index to a person?s character is (a) how he treats people who can?t do him any good, and (b) how he treats people who can?t fight back.?
  • How do you measure up to Dear Abby?s two-point scale?
  • How are you treating the people that cannot do you any good?
  • How about the people who cannot fight back against you, are they being treated appropriately or not?
  • More Questions

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    that you would like to share?

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    Solving Conflicts
    Conflict Resolution
    Part Two

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