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Solving Conflicts
Conflict Resolution
Part One


Chapter 1
Do You Want To Fight?

Chapter 2
Diamonds ...or Rocks?

Chapter 3
A Little Out Of Balance
(Character Symmetry)

Chapter 4

Chapter 5
Wet Sand Bricks
& Blindfolds
(What Is character?)

Chapter 6
The World's Greatest Battle!
(Part One)

Chapter 7
The World's Greatest Battle!
(Part Two)

Chapter 8
Solving Conflicts 101 The ABC's

Chapter 9
Solving Conflicts 102 The Basics
(A mini-course)

Chapter 10
Before You
Accuse Me!

Chapter 11
Titanic Failure
(It Could Never Happen To Me!)

Part One




Solving Conflicts LLC
Part Two
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    These are your 3 Tools:
      1. the Score Chart button;
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      3. the Fast Look-Up button.

    Chapters 12, 13, and 14 cover the tools. There is detailed and easy instructions at each step of the way. These are vital tools for you to use. Use them often!

  2. Character Strength Definitions: Solving Conflicts has over 42 pages of easy-to-look-up and easy-to-read information about each character strength.
      1. Search with ease.
      2. Easy Navigation.
      3. Easy to understand Scores.
      4. Incredibly helpful information!

  3. Extremely Important: It is extremely important for you to check out the facts in the Character Profiles for tips, advice, and wisdom each time you need to troubleshoot events in your life. Do this as often as you need until you begin to understand your character strengths as they truly are. Check back often until you have fully learned of your true power of choice. The more you do this, the more your confidence will grow! Then, keep checking back (like check-ups with a Doctor.) This is the entire purpose of Part Two!

  4. Part Two Chapters: There are instructions, examples, and stories to help you understand yourself and others better. The goal is to get comfortable with all the tools and use them at any internet connection in the world whenever you need to focus on a new situation that is causing aggravation or conflict for you. They include:
      1. Knowing Yourself
      2. Knowing Others
      3. Lucky in Marriage
      4. Tips for Singles
      5. Questions and Answers

  5. Place Saving Memory: IF you are interrupted, log off, or navigate away from the website while you are in the middle of your character profile assessment/test, your place will be saved. Just login again at the Member's Log-In to continue where you left off.

  6. Security Features: You will use your own email address and your own password to login. You will also be able to turn your scores on or off with the Hide Scores button. (The Hide Scores button is temporarily out of order.) This is a handy feature that you may want to use if you want to share the information about yourself to someone close to you ...but don't want them to see your actual scores! (You can read more about privacy concerns by clicking on the Privacy Statement and Pop-ups link at the bottom of this page.)

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Solving Conflicts
Conflict Resolution
Part Two

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