Solving Conflicts
Conflict Resolution
Part One


Slide Show Presentation
Genuine vs Counterfeit Character Strengths is a Paradigm Change that Challenges Everything You Thought You Knew About Character -- Which One's Do You Have?

Automated Relationship
& Character Coaching

Chapter 1
Do You Want To Fight?

Chapter 2
Diamonds ...or Rocks?

Chapter 3
A Little Out Of Balance
(Character Symmetry)

Chapter 4

Chapter 5
Wet Sand Bricks
& Blindfolds
(What Is character?)

Chapter 6
The World's Greatest Battle!
(Part One)

Chapter 7
The World's Greatest Battle!
(Part Two)

Chapter 8
Solving Conflicts 101 The ABC's

Chapter 9
Solving Conflicts 102 The Basics
(A mini-course)

Chapter 10
Before You
Accuse Me!

Chapter 11
Titanic Failure
(It Could Never Happen To Me!)

Part One



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Solving Conflicts
Conflict Resolution
Part Two

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